Martinsville vice mayor Aaron Rawls speaks into a microphone

Our middle school students kicked off SCA week this week with a visit from Martinsville's vice mayor Aaron Rawls!

Rawls' visit comes as students are thinking about leadership as they begin the process of electing their Student Council Association. Candidates will be selected this week, and MMS students will vote to elect their representatives next week. 

As students are mulling these important decisions, the vice mayor used his visit to discuss success and the qualities of a good leader with the school. 

"Leadership," Rawls said, "is doing what's right even when it's really, really hard." He talked about the importance of staying true to yourself, of leading by example, and being trustworthy. 

"Make other people, when they look at you, say 'that is someone I can trust,'" Rawls told the students. "Do the right thing even when no one is looking."

Rawls also talked about the importance of setting goals to help chart a course to success and gave students the opportunity to share their goals.

One student wanted to earn a degree in music. Another wanted to work for NASA. One student said she wanted to be a successful debater while another said he wanted to become a scientist and study bugs. Yet another said he just wanted to be successful in life. 

Success, Rawls reminded them, begins with doing well in school.

"I've been worried about our city," Rawls told the students as he wrapped up his talk, "but seeing you gives me a lot of optimism that Martinsville is going to be one of the best places on earth under your leadership."