Knowing Your Neighbors graphic

The Magical Unicodes, a LEGO Robotics team at Martinsville Middle School coached by Mr. Hackenberg, recently launched a new podcast.

They created the podcast, called Knowing Your Neighbors, to help their community feel more connected. As the students say in their introduction to each episode:

People are separated and disconnected now more than ever before. We don't even know our neighbors anymore, and we distrust people who don't look like us or think like us. This podcast shares stories that connect people in our community through storytelling so we can understand each other and won't have to fear our neighbors. 

Students not only interview teachers at their school, but have spoken to a newspaper reporter, a police officer, and even the city's mayor! 

Episodes released so far include one on interesting hobbies, another about people who have lived through important historical events, and one on people in public service. 

Students conduct the interviews, edit each episode, and even designed the logo and created the music for the podcast.

Mr. Hackenberg said he hopes that the podcast will keep going even after the robotics season is over, and we have to say, given the interesting stories they've recorded so far, we hope Knowing Your Neighbors carries on for many years to come!

You can find Knowing Your Neighbors on Spotify