SOL Testing Schedule graphic

As we wind down the 2023-2024 school year, it is time to prepare for SOL testing. Please note the dates your student will be testing and help ensure they come to school prepared for success! 

  • Fuel the Body: Make certain your student has a good night’s rest before the test

  • Fuel the Brain: Provide a nutritious breakfast in the morning.  A free breakfast is available in all the school cafeterias each school day.

  • Arrive on Time: Plan for arriving to school on time so that your student does not feel rushed and can take the test with classmates on the scheduled day.

  • See Success: Make certain your student has any needed eyewear.

  • Take Their Time: Tests are untimed.  Avoid scheduling any appointments for your student on the day of the test and encourage them to take their time.

  • Speak It Make It So: Encourage your student to do their best and let them know you believe in them.

  • Talk It Out: Help your student understand that no electronic devices are allowed in SOL testing. This includes phones and electronic watches.

The MMS testing schedule is as follows:


  • Tuesday, April 23: Algebra II

  • Wednesday, April 24: Algebra I

  • Thursday, April 25: Make-Up Testing

  • Friday, April 26: Civics 8

  • Monday, April 29: Make-Up Testing

  • Tuesday, April 30: Reading 7


  • Wednesday, May 1: Reading 8

  • Thursday, May 2: Reading 6

  • Tuesday, May 7: Math 6

  • Wednesday, May 8: Math 8

  • Thursday, May 9: Science 8

  • Friday, May 10: Make-Up Testing